Kindly Auburn acts renew faith

Reader Input
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It comes around once a year, this day of celebration of America’s successful bid to become a nation. This year I felt a beleaguered spirit of sorts as the economy and state of California seem ever more in the dumps. But on the day before “our” day I have witnessed just a small reminder of what truly represents the American will and spirit that can only best be exemplified in an area like our own Auburn. July 3rd, at the intersection of (Highway) 49 and the eastbound (Interstate) 80 offramp, a man with two small children seeming around 5 and 8, in his aging American-made pickup truck, unfortunately lost many 2-by-4 pieces of wood out of the bed. Now on several occasions in recent memory traffic seems to circle an unlucky soul such as this until he is able to pack up and move off. But today perhaps a kindred kindness is reminding us that we’re here together, united under God or not as you wish, in this land of freedom. The man in the truck apologizing with hand gestures to the vehicle behind him and turning a little red started the process of returning the renegades. He was quickly helped by the young woman he had just been gesturing to. Without hesitation she smiled and joined in. Such a simple act of kindness was heartwarming to see out of the young lady. A young man from the next lane stopped to help, as well. Between the three of them the mess was quickly cleaned up and with departing smiles and “thank you’s” the man and his two small children were on their way. In these tough times it is good for us to remember who we are as a nation, not only a nation of go-getters, or success-driven stress-aholics, but a nation of men and women who when tested rise to do what is right. This Fourth of July as I watch the rockets’ red glare I’ll think about that simple scene, hug a family member and remember why I love this country. Tyler Worrell, Meadow Vista