Kindly do not vote me to the board

Reader Input
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Dear Foresthill community, parents and students: My name is Karen Everett. Over the summer, I was an unemployed teacher. When I took the job at the charter school, I was told that the school and students were part of the district, but I was not. I then asked if I could still run for the school board. Lynn Schefcik, president of the Foresthill Teachers Association, asked the CTA lawyer and they came back with the legal opinion that I could not run. With that said, there was no time to take my name from the ballot because they had already gone to print. I am asking that you do not vote for me because I am no longer a candidate for a school board position. Since my husband and I have our children in the elementary school, we do have definite opinions for the candidates running. I feel that parents and teachers should be heard by the school board members that are representing us and making decisions on behalf of our children. Presently, the elementary school has very large class sizes in grades K-third. My children are sitting in classes with 27 to 29 other students. They are just starting out learning how to read, write and apply math skills. How are they to be successful when one teacher, with no aide, must try to handle every students’ needs? Our students are expected to pass rigorous state standards. If they don’t, then the school falls into a category of program improvement where the state comes in and runs the school. I do not want my children or any other child in Foresthill subjected to that. We brought our children to Foresthill because of the schools and most importantly because of the teachers and the support staff. This is a school district of amazing people. On Nov. 2, I will be voting for Erin Linstadt, Loretta Rector and Chris Walters. Karen Everett, Foresthill