Kindly explain Ryan plan and Medicare

Reader Input
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I have downloaded the March 20 edition of the Plan for Prosperity, from the (Republican vice presidential nominee) Paul Ryan official website. I hope that supporters of this plan can enlighten me on some aspects. To limit this letter, I will address only the Medicare reform proposal. On page 52, it details the changes. It reads well, but the part I do not understand is how, giving options to those under 55 to choose a subsidized private insurance plan, does not affect retirees currently enrolled in a plan that works well for us. Surely if you remove from Medicare part of the population that chooses to do so, substantial revenue now flowing to Medicare will flow to private insurance premiums. It appears to me that this alone will make current Medicare unviable in short order. Though promises are made on the government controlling the quality of these private plans, I am not optimistic on the ability of the government to control this. You can argue that a similar situation exists currently with the Medicare supplement plans, open to competitive bids by insurance companies, but an optional supplement is very different from covering the basic needs. Last and most important, is the table on page 55, comparing Bureaucratic Control (current plan) with Patient Control (Ryan Plan). Maybe this reveals my prejudice, but this sounds like Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” ideal capitalism. The whole table can be questioned, but I will focus on the item that describes who is in control: “An unaccountable board of 15 unelected bureaucrats” versus “patient and their doctors.” Does Representative Ryan really think the insurance companies will have no say? In the next election cycle I can fire the bureaucrats but I have no leverage on the insurance company. Not mentioning the insurance company in this comparison is disingenuous! Peter Kessler, Granite Bay