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Kirby has drive, passion to serve city

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It is with great honor that I endorse the political campaign of Dr. Bill Kirby as our next city councilman for our city of Auburn. Dr. Kirby is a man of distinction with a clear vision of what Auburn is and can be ... a community that will save our “rural atmosphere” and yet allow businesses to grow and prosper, and our overall quality of life to be preserved and continue to flourish. Dr. Kirby is a man who has the drive, intensity, passion, intellect, and creativity which we need in our community as we continue to grow and transition in times of economic duress and uncertainty. Our city of Auburn has many problems which need to be solved; businesses which can grow and prosper as they compete with large corporate structures, a creative outreach in which we as citizens can become more involved in our local culture and heritage, a detailed growth plan which respects our environment and yet allows for change, and an intra-structure which calls for improvements and innovation as more people move into our foothill community. I personally know that Dr. Kirby is the right man at this unique time in our city to represent us all for the better and put forth the dedicated energy to preserve our unique historical city and yet allow transition and change to occur as we continue to transition into the 21st century. I call on all citizens to support and vote for him in the up-coming city council election, as Dr. Kirby is the right man to serve our community in our future years. David Underwood Auburn