Kitty miracle follows 49 Fire

Reader Input
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We live in the area where the 49 Fire burned so many houses. Thank the Lord our house was saved. Our friend Connie wasn’t so lucky. Her house was right next to the large field and was one of the first to go. She has two cats and was told to evacuate – (she) grabbled one cat and put it in the car. But the other cat was outside and couldn’t be found – (she) had to leave. The new house is now three-quarters finished and Connie and her girls were checking it out the other day and heard this meow – looked up and there was the “other” cat. It had found its way back to the house after 10 months. It came right over to Connie and the girls and started purring. Some hair on the top of its head was burned and also the tips of the ears. She survived 10 months – a miracle. DON and MARILYN KURTZ, Auburn