Klein owes Placer taxpayers an apology

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In this whole sorry affair surrounding the ousting of former Sierra College President Kevin Ramirez, which cost Placer County taxpayers a half-million dollars, Sierra College Trustee Aaron Klein continues to act like the punchline from the old joke about the man who is caught in bed with his mistress and tells his wife, “Are you going to believe me, or your lying eyes?” It is way beyond time for Aaron Klein to act like a grownup, take responsibility for his actions and admit his mistakes. But no. Klein continues to stonewall, admit nothing, issue inane statements and pretend he did nothing wrong in the face of all the evidence to the contrary. To recap: The Placer County grand jury investigated Klein’s claims and found no wrongdoing and went as far as to say Klein owed Ramirez an apology. The Fair Political Practices Commission just issued a statement completely exonerating Ramirez, and yet Klein blathers on about the need for “full disclosure of political campaign donors,” Journal, Nov. 1. This, Klein says, is “critical to the health of our representative democracy.” With this in mind, I await Klein’s scathing indictment of the Placer County Republican Party (of which he is a former member) and its shameless and blatant participation in campaign money laundering on behalf of a San Diego Assemblyman. I won’t hold my breath. Not only does Klein owe Ramirez an apology, he owes an apology to the taxpayers of Placer County. Rob Haswell, Auburn