Klein should resign for good of college

Reader Input
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“Ex-Sierra College President Kevin Ramirez exonerated by state political watchdog,” (Journal, Nov. 1), captured my attention. Having been involved in the politically charged events surrounding Ramirez’s ouster and having served as interim president during this tumultuous time, I’m pleased to learn the grand jury and the Fair Political Practices Commission cleared Ramirez of wrongdoing. Aaron Klein, a 26-year-old, newly elected Sierra College trustee, mistakenly thought he could fire Ramirez without consequence. That Klein got as far as he did with his baseless and politically motivated charges has me scratching my head. His reckless, headline-grabbing behavior undermined public trust in the Sierra College Board of Trustees and caused harm to the reputation of a dedicated public servant. Yet, Klein continues his smear campaign, falsely countering the grand jury had no jurisdiction and discounting the FPPC’s ruling. Klein’s reactions to these investigations reflect a small-minded individual, incapable of learning from his mistakes. His lesson cost taxpayers at least $620,000. Still, he accepts no responsibility for his misguided actions. Is this the caliber of individual we want running Sierra College? It’s time for Trustee Klein to apologize and resign for the good of the college and its students. Morgan Lynn, former interim president, Sierra College