Knife-wielding hotel patron hit by TASER

Warkentin reportedly argued with staff after locked out of room
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An Auburn hotel guest was struck by a TASER after she allegedly wouldn’t stop walking toward police while holding a knife. Jelissa Ann Marie Warkentin, 24, was released from jail Sunday on a bail bond after she was arrested and charged Saturday with a felony count of carrying a concealed weapon and two misdemeanor counts of resisting a police officer and brandishing a weapon. At about 2 p.m. Saturday, Auburn Police responded to a call from staff at the Holiday Inn located on the 100 block of Grass Valley Highway. Staff said a guest was arguing with hotel employees. Warkentin was reportedly angry that staff had locked her out of her room for allegedly not paying all of her bill, according to Sgt. Michael Garlock in a press release issued Monday. “Basically that seems like a part of it, and then she started getting into a dispute with employees there, so they called us,” said Sgt. Victor Pecoraro. While police were on their way, hotel employees called to alert them that Warkentin had pulled out a knife, Garlock said. When officers arrived, they both approached Warkentin from opposite directions of a hallway. Warkentin allegedly held a knife in her hand and started walking toward one officer and did not stop despite requests from police. “Two officers got there close to the same time … and she is coming out of an elevator, she wasn’t hiding or anything, and she has got a knife out,” Pecoraro said. As a result, both officers used their TASERs to stop Warkentin. After she was handcuffed, officers reportedly found a second knife hidden underneath Warkentin’s shirt. The knife was double-sided and had been in Warkentin’s bra, Pecoraro said. Roseville resident Carol Hutchins, who was visiting Auburn Monday, said she had mixed opinions about the incident. “It just seems kind of excessive to have to do that,” Hutchins said. “It just seems to me to (use a TASER) is the new convenience. On the other hand, my God, who knows what the police are facing now. It can’t be easy being a police officer, but there is a lot of excessive force you hear (about) anymore.” Hutchins said she would want more details about the situation, including whether or not drugs may have been involved. “How close was she?” Hutchins asked. “You’re also facing, ‘Here is this woman. What is she on?’ Better to (use the TASERs) than shooting (her), like what has happened before.” According to Pecoraro, there was no mention of alcohol or drugs in the report taken Saturday. The 24-year-old was treated at Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital for four TASER probes that struck her and was then booked into Placer County Jail. A manager from the Holiday Inn declined to comment about the incident Monday afternoon. ~Bridget Jones