Knowing folks oppose charter

Reader Input
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After reading both editorials in Sunday’s paper (“Point/Counterpoint,” April 15), I can’t help but wonder who really stands to benefit from the proposed Auburn charter.
Current law already protects volunteers. The sewer savings argument has been thoroughly debunked by the city clerk and others. The potentially disastrous consequences that this measure invites to our small town have been validated in a court of law.
Then I looked at Measure A’s new rules for bidding on public works projects, rules that would seem to benefit well-connected cronies far more than everyday taxpayers.
Please know that I have no ill-will toward our current city council. They have kept our city solvent through tough economic times. But the fact is that this measure is rife for abuse. Remember the city of Bell. I’m sure the residents of Bell would not have believed what happened in their city could ever have occurred.
A poorly crafted city charter made it possible.
In talking with friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. most do not either know of this measure, or if they have heard of it, they do not understand it nor the reason for it. Four former Auburn mayors, our current city clerk and others have all opposed this measure. Why? Maybe they know what the potential consequences are more than the average citizen. Something to think about.
Rosalie Wohlfromm, Auburn