Koch bros. do not pull strings

Reader Input
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My letter is in response to Leslye Janusz’s letter to the editor on Sept. 8. Leslye states that the Koch brothers are funding the tea party folks. I can state unequivocally that the Tea Party Patriots are not funded by the Koch brothers and her statement is a total fabrication. The Tea Party Patriots have never received one dime from the Koch brothers. The Tea Party Patriots are the only tea party group that accepts no money from any political party, therefore remaining true to our ideals of being non-partisan. We are beholden to no one, no party, no company, no group and certainly not to anyone or group that would try to control us. The Tea Party Patriots receive donations from ordinary, common-sense, conservative-type people who are dissatisfied with the current administration and their socialistic-type policies. Most of the donations are in the $25 to $100 range. Our donors reject socialism. They reject the current-out-of control government spending, they reject more government control and they reject more government regulations. Why do we reject all these? Because it is not within the framework of the Constitution and not what our Founding Fathers intended. The bottom line is that the Tea Party Patriots are not funded by the Koch brothers and Leslye and (New Yorker writer) Jane Mayer are being totally irresponsible in their false and unfounded allegations! Steve Cavolt, member, board of directors, NorCal Tea Party Patriots