Kranz’s actions should not win him another term

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Placer County Supervisor Bruce Kranz serves Kranz. The general public is aware of Kranz accepting large donations from developers, appointing Michelle Ollar-Burris to the Planning Commission, favoring a gravel company over the people of Meadow Vista, blocking the Homewood Ski Resort sale to the Forest Service and redirecting it to private developers, and his clearing the trail to develop Royal Gorge Ski Resort. Placer County workers fear retaliation from Placer County District 5 Supervisor Kranz if their decisions or findings do not favor the developer he is currently piloting through the process. Workers feel intimidated, feel pressure to “go along” as opposed to following the rules. Kranz bullies workers into giving him and his “clients” what they want. When Kranz is involved, there is never a level playing field because if workers do not do what he wishes, he will find a willing worker, but never forgets the one who would not do his bidding. Policies are manipulated to suit Kranz’s favored individual. When Kranz is involved, fear is palpable among workers. With layoffs imminent in Placer County, fear of retaliation makes Kranz even more threatening because workers who do not go along fear reprisal. With Kranz, as with George W. Bush, favoritism always trumps policy. Kranz is not an administrator so much as a manipulator, an intimidator, a person who ought never to be a Placer County supervisor. Kranz must go in November. Vote for Jennifer Montgomery to represent the people, not the moneyed few at the expense of the people. Jack L. Sanchez Auburn