Kranz works to protect landowners’ property rights

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Two juxtaposed letters in the Aug. 25 Auburn Journal seem to highlight the needs of District 5 landowners. One letter lamented the loss of private property rights and the other asked voters to rise up against the only private-property-rights champion we have, Supervisor Bruce Kranz. As a landowner I am well aware of the state and county hoops I must jump through to do about anything on my property. His support of landowner rights has been a sore point with the NIMBYs who move to a “development” and then wish to prevent others from doing the same, or wish to shut down historically beneficial businesses. Our supervisor has been very responsive in hearing and acting upon our complaints about county “code-enforcement” excesses. Supervisor Kranz has worked to bring the poorly conceived, poorly written County Tree Ordinance into accord with the fuels reduction needs of his constituents. He assembled a small task force of foresters, fire officials and academics to revise the language so that we could comply with present fire safety regulation without fear of reprisal from overzealous county officials. His efforts were ignored. According to County Planning, they wish to develop their own “Defensible Space Ordinance, Guidelines or Standards” (read: after the election). Some county employees are working hard and monetarily supporting the eco-choice candidate so that their actions won’t be questioned and you, District 5 landowners, will lose more of your property rights. Jeff Calvert Alta