Kudos go out to rescuers

Reader Input
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The Humane Society of the Sierra Foothills, and all the professionals who helped with the seizure of approximately 75 neglected animals in rural Loomis, deserve a huge round of applause (Journal, July 12). In many neglect and abuse cases, suspects care more about making money than caring for animals.  When caught and cited, they have all kinds of flimsy, well-rehearsed excuses — putting the blame on everyone but themselves.  They will claim that no water or food, as well as parasites, diseases and piles of feces, are no big deal for animals. There are steps the public can take to help rid communities of these kinds of scofflaws and abhorrent activities. First, ask Governor Brown to sign SB 917 into law. It’s a step forward in increasing both fines and restitution when animals have to be seized and held for hearings. Second, support the Humane Society of the Sierra Foothills, a nonprofit organization relying solely on donations to make sure they continue their good work on our behalf.  Last, if anyone witnesses animal abuse or neglect, please, call it in! Jim Cather, Loomis