Kudos to the pitbull alerter

Reader Input
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Kudos to the woman who alerted others to the pitbull on the loose. Pax to Nalley Murphy who writes that some of us misunderstand the breed (Reader Input, June 3). My experience will always speak louder than your words! A number of years ago I had just returned to my driveway from walking my dog, (a cross between a shepherd and a collie) when the neighbors’ pitbull charged. My dog tried to defend but the pitbull gripped my dog on the back of her neck. There were three adults yelling and beating on the head of the pitbull as it drug my large gentle dog across the street. Neither my husband, the owner of the pitbull nor I had any effect in stopping the attack. I was just about to take a stick and go for the eyes to make it release when the neighbor bent over and picked up his vicious dog, causing him to let go. Our vet bill was extensive and never reimbursed. I have owned numerous dogs in my life and will absolutely know that there is something different about the viciousness, tenacity and unpredictability of the pitbull. I remain a dog lover of all other breeds. Lynne Sutter, Eden Valley