Label matters less than facts

Reader Input
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Steve Cavolt: You are welcome to you own opinion, but not your own facts (“Obama is not deficit-neutral, period!” Reader Input, Jan. 6). The bill passed with (Congressman Tom) McClintock voting to increase those taxes:?I don’t mind you calling the fees taxes. Indeed, the label doesn’t matter. Where in my letter (“Working stiffs have a friend,” Reader Input, Dec. 28) did I say the term was “incorrect”? In fact, I find that many fees being charged these days (such as parking fees in the Auburn Recreation Area) are indeed a raise in taxes, but only applied to the users. Same here. You say the bill was not deficit-neutral? As I pointed out, Obama, your leader and mine, wanted to fund the payroll tax cut and extension of unemployment benefits with a tax on those whose income exceeded $1 million. When the House (and our Tom) voted against that attempt at deficit neutrality, the president turned to another source of income. The Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac/FHA mortgage fees went up one-tenth of 1 percent. When the new expense is paid for by income, the bill is declared deficit-neutral. I, as well as many others who wish to help restore the U.S. middle class, would have preferred that the Congress and our Tom had voted to tax the elite rich who are paying less taxes than the dwindling middle class. That did not happen. Thank you, GOP House of Representatives. As far as Obama’s growing deficit, his main problem is that he and the Congress have maintained three policies/laws originated by Bush Jr.: Medicare Part D which had no deficit-neutral compensating income, two Middle East wars (one recently ended), and a huge tax cut during wartime. Eliminate any of these three and the deficit would be substantially reduced. Patricia Grenfell, Auburn