Lack of health care frightens

Reader Input
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Right now, our “health plan” that’s in place for disabled people is a joke. I’ve had Medi-Cal through Social Security Disability Insurance since January. The Medi-Cal system is ridiculous. MD’s in Auburn won’t take Medi-Cal and no one will help you find a doctor. I’m disabled due to extreme pain but they will not pay for any pain medication. For two years, if you are on SSDI in California, you get Medi-Cal. You are only covered for six prescriptions per month, so you need to wait while a special form is filled out by the pharmacy, then approved before you can get that seventh medication. Disabled people need many more than six prescriptions per month. I am seriously scared about my lack of health care and help even finding any. The emergency room accepts Medi-Cal. Should they be my MDs? We need to trim the fat, not the helpful programs! Anyone else tired of seeing six guys staring in a hole for hours doing nothing? I am. Too much fat! Trim the fat. Keep the needed programs. Everyone needs to take pay cuts that are on government payrolls. We all need to sacrifice. Not just private sector employees. Shawn Weaver, Foresthill