Lakers article told it so well

Reader Input
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I want to commend AP writer Tom Withers for the excellent article, “Lakers wrap up title.” He commended (Kobe) Bryant for his excellence, but nevertheless, commented on the All-Star game face Bryant has worn in the finals; scowling, snarling, baring his teeth and all but breathing fire at anything in his path. That is exactly how I felt about “his highness,” Kobe Bryant. What would have happened if he had lost? Well, fortunately we didn’t have to watch that ending or the temper tantrums would have been unbearable. Thanks, Tom. You told it like it is. As far as Phil Jackson, the bow-legged Zen master winning again, he too, would not have been very gracious had they lost. Did they have a little help from the referees? You betcha. And with all of the strutting movie stars standing around deploying their support, how could they lose? Ruth Smith , Auburn