Last-minute push for Measure A surges on

Voters will decide fate of Auburn?s government structure today
By: Sara Seyydin Journal Staff Writer
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Measure A campaigners in Auburn showed no signs of letting up going into today?s election. Each side powered through a last-minute push to get Auburn voters to the polls and ask them for their votes, which will impact the structure of Auburn?s government. If Measure A passes, Auburn will become a charter city. Those in the favor of the iniative say becoming a charter city will allow Auburn more autonomy from the state legislature and save taxpayers money, while those opposed to it say the charter has loopholes that could open up the city to corruption and higher taxes in the form of fines. Todd Stenhouse, spokesperson for Preserve Auburn ? ?No? on Measure A, said some volunteers for Preserve Auburn were gathering to call voters Monday afternoon. ?Auburn has worked well for 125 years,? Stenhouse said. ?It is in better financial shape than just about every city in the State of California and the idea that Measure A invites a lot of problems that Auburn doesn?t currently face, it?s a big part of the reason of why we came together.? He added the group is concerned that the charter didn?t undergo an independent citizen?s review. The group will meet at the California Club tonight to view the results. Hank Gonzales, former Auburn mayor, said he would be recording an automated message to send to voters via telephone asking them to vote ?no? on Measure A and making some calls, too. ?It?s called the last minute push as you well know it. Hopefully we will reach more,? Gonzales said. ?We (City of Auburn) were doing so well and there is no reason to change.? Auburn Mayor Kevin Hanley said the pro-charter group, Auburn Advocates for Local Control, also has a last-minute push planned, but didn?t want to disclose it yet because the opposition may find out. He said voters should vote ?yes? on Auburn becoming a charter city because it could save taxpayers money. ?In getting the message out about saving money for Auburn residents, it?s a bit of a David and Goliath story, which we kind of knew it would be. We are being outspent 10 to one by the union in Oakland,? Hanley said. ?I am very proud of the community coming together and supporting Measure A.? He said volunteers working in the Measure A campaign will gather to view the results, but did not disclose where. Steve Galyardt, an Auburn resident and treasurer for Auburn Advocates for Local Control, said he wants voters to think about whom they trust when deciding how they will vote on Measure A, the local city council or labor unions funding Preserve Auburn. ?We have such a fabulous city council here and they are asking us to make our city a charter city. They are asking us to have a little more freedom from the legislature. I believe we should have that advantage,? Galyardt said. ?The only people who are against this are the labor unions.? Reach Sara Seyydin at, or follow her on Twitter @AJ_News.