Latitudes gave so much to all

Reader Input
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On Sunday, Sept. 2 after dinner hours, Latitudes, Pat and Pete’s World Kitchen, shut down the burners for the last time. I am sure those who have known and grown to love the Enochs family over the years understand fully the huge contributions they have made to the Auburn area and points beyond. Not only did they bring world-class dining to Auburn but world-class community service and caring, as well. When our family would go to Latitudes we would find waiting for us more than an exquisite meal and top-flight service. There was always the warm yet elegant atmosphere, friends and familiar faces and conversation with the Enochs family. At some point during our stay a brief visit to the tiny kitchen where so much magic was conjured was a must and thankfully, never rebuffed! We celebrate the Enochs family at this important transition in their lives and the life of Auburn. And we feel the blues already in a “post-Latitudes” town. Thank you, Pat and Pete, for all that you have given us! We wish you well in all of your new adventures. George Hoffecker and Donna Burgess, Meadow Vista