Lavish pensions have gotta go

Reader Input
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In response to “ranting Ron Lowe of Nevada City” (Reader Input, March 3): I see that you are at it again, this time ranting about the “fight for workers’ rights.” What part of the state of Wisconsin being broke (as well as most other states because of lavish union pensions and lifetime medical benefits) do you not understand? Finally, we the people are demanding that our (yes, our!) elected officials do something to rein in these unrealistic demands by those who (in the public sector) actually work for us. I worked my entire life, since age 15 and I don’t have a lavish pension with lifetime medical benefits — in fact, I pay for my own medical needs and invested my own money for my retirement. Why can you not understand that the state employees aren’t special, that they are just like we are, and they should (and must) pay their fair share to get America back on her feet financially. The unions are killing our state and other states as well. It’s time for those spoiled union workers to give back to us who support them with our hard-earned tax dollars. Our state has a huge deficit that is in part caused by giving those state employees such lavish lifetime benefits. Cut those and cut all the myriad welfare programs and California might just survive. Donna McCloskey, Auburn