Lawyer hurts people with disabilities

Reader Input
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I am in an electric wheelchair, and I feel what Scott Johnson has done with his lawsuits here in Auburn is very selfish. I’m feeling more conspicuous when going into public places, like the owners are thinking of possible lawsuits. It’s just not fair that one greedy man should make the rest of us feel uncomfortable when out of the house. I realize that I’m disabled and I can’t do all the things that able-bodied people can do. I shop at Bel Air quite often, and lots of items are out of my reach. I just ask someone walking by if they can get it for me. We usually end up in a little conversation, and I kind of think they feel good about doing it. I have a feeling that Scott isn’t about to ask anyone for help. Fifty years ago, I’d be stuck in my house, but I’m able to get out now in my van conversion, and just feel very fortunate to live in such a friendly town, and saddened by Mr. Johnson’s greed. Please don’t look at us all that way. RUTH KRASNER, Auburn