Leaders wasting citizens’ time

Reader Input
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Hear the voice of a Republican supporter on how he sees it: “What on earth are the Republicans doing in Washington?” Their behavior at the State of the Union speech was so embarrassing. They should be ordered to pack their bags and hit the road. So, where are the Republicans’ realistic solutions? Their behavior is a shame and an insult to those that have elected them. The Republicans are said to stand for free enterprise and the American dream. Well, we can’t afford to continue living in this country that you have left us with. Is there any vehicle by which we can recall the representatives home from Washington and kick their butts? Have these political “elite” forgotten who put them in Washington? Jack up, boys, and come up with solutions, fast. Stop playing infantile games and honestly contribute some sweat to the hard work ahead. There is no time to spare. Roll up your sleeves and earn your privilege of leading us. This isn’t a free ride, so join us, the real workers and get your act together. We want to see proactive cooperation and progress, now! The situation is truly shameful and worse still, it will cost us and our children dearly. I don’t have time to wait for you! Doug Penny, Auburn