Learn CPR face to face

Reader Input
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I am responding to the letter written by Carlette Anderson in the Journal dated Feb. 1 titled “If you love them, learn CPR.” I feel the need to set some facts straight. I have been a firefighter/-paramedic for 17 years and performed CPR over 100 times. I also teach CPR and Advanced Cardiac Life Support. Studies show that performing CPR alone, without other intervention, only has 3 to 5 percent effectiveness. CPR is only a link in the “chain of survival.” When a person’s heart stops, CPR must be initiated immediately and 911 must be called. The use of a defibrillator can increase survivability up to 75 percent! Being proficient at CPR requires “hands on” testing and technique correction. Learning skills from the Internet can be enticing, but CPR should not be taught by reading alone. Would you take an “online” surgery class and feel comfortable performing surgery on a loved one? I realize that there was no malice intended, but I also know that life saving skills should be learned with all seriousness and devotion to a successful outcome. Erik Wenz, firefighter/paramedic, Foresthill