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The issue of a city charter for the City of Auburn (Measure A) in the June election has raised a spirited debate on the pros and cons of changing from a general-law city to a charter city. I can understand why many are resistant to change, especially those former members of the city council who believe things should stay just the way they always have been. I must admit that I had certain reservations on the issue, but voted to place it on the ballot. Yes, I would have liked to have seen a citizens committee more closely involved in the drafting of the charter, but I believe the council’s public hearings gave all an opportunity to express their opinions. I am concerned about the deceptive information being spread by the opponents of the measure. To compare Auburn with Bell, California, a community with a population of about 35,000, which only had around 400 voters turn out when the city charter was enacted in 2005, just doesn’t compute in my book. Our city has a normal 50 percent turn-out at election time. The comparison with Vernon is equally misguided. Vernon is an industrial city with a population of 112. Just to set the record straight Mr. (Ken) Hower’s letter (April 15) seems to miss the point. The electors of Auburn are not the city council, but all the voters in the city. Plans are underway to conduct a series of public forays in the next few weeks. I urge voters to attend and hear the truth about the issue. Mike Holmes, Auburn city councilman, Auburn