Leash violation fines could fund parks

Reader Input
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Wednesday, I read the article about Lucky, and it was heartbreaking (“Resident seeks leash law after poodle’s death,” Journal, June 8). My sincerest sympathy goes out to Ms. (Delta) Wilson-Ricky. A pet is a family member and that family member was murdered in front of her. Didn’t we just see an article in the Auburn Journal about two weeks ago with a person on the front page walking a dog on public trails with no leash (Proper etiquette needed for pooches on trails, Journal, May 27)? As an avid fisherman, camper, trail hiker, I can attest to the fact that many dog owners think they are above the law and rarely put them on leashes. We have a Chihuahua and it is my worst fear, what happened to Lucky, will happen in front of my 14-year-old daughter. If our law enforcers could be empowered to give more tickets and stiffer fines, it will help deter the irresponsible owners and fund our failing parks and public lands. It is also time for the victims to have rights, not the dog owners or dogs. I think all aggressive dogs that attack humans and other pets should be put down. Another suggestion, if a dog is off-leash in public places, but did not attack, maybe the offenders need to attend that Dog 101 class mentioned in that article, as a court order. I am tired of having to hold our little dog up while someone’s unleashed dog runs around us snapping at her. The person has absolutely no control of that dog. We have even been yelled at by people that are mad we chased their dog off from running though our camp or knocked us down while fishing. I am interested, what can victims do at times like these? I would be interested in hearing a response from the same agencies that Ms. Wilson-Ricky is posing her questions to. Thank you for letting me speak out, Connie Higginbotham, Grass Valley