Leave Auburn’s neon signs alone

Reader Input
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In regards to (Auburn Community Development Director) Will Wong’s view of bars and restaurants (“Auburn looks at dimming amount of Old Town neon signage,” Journal, Sept. 17), using beer neons to draw attention to potential customers that may see those and decide to stop into Old Town Auburn and spend money, my God what a concept. But not in Mr. Wong’s world.
In a time when bars and restaurants are struggling to stay in business, especially in Auburn, you want to tell them what they can and can’t do to draw attention to their establishments? This has the sound of someone that has never run a business in a small town before.
Isn’t the planning department meant to help local businesses thrive, not destroy them?
Mr. Wong does not care about what happens to local businesses. His thinking on this issue has a total disregard to our local economy.
So, in my opinion, Mr. Wong is going about this in the “WONG” way. This isn’t Berkeley or San Francisco. It’s small-town Auburn. Let’s leave it that way.
John Lynott, Auburn