Leave deity out of miners’ rescue

Reader Input
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Along with other folks around the world I enjoyed watching the “miracle” of the Chilean miners’ rescue. It was extraordinarily heart-warming. However, I do not view it as a miracle. It was a consolidated effort by experts in the field who pulled this off, from advanced drill technology, NASA input, electronics, food preparation, perseverance, etc. And I might add that a god did not provide assistance. A god did not guide that drill. The miners’ individual beliefs helped sustain them, I’m sure, but where was that god when the explosion and entrapment occurred in the first place? What about the miners around the world that perish every year? Where was god (him or her), Muhammad, Buddha, etc.? It seems that many fall back on a theme of divine intervention when someone is saved but no mention of a savior for those not able to survive (and god’s will does not work for me, either). Natural disasters are just that, “natural” events with all resulting consequences being due to physics, chance and circumstances. There is so much calamity in this world that, if there is a divine being, then let’s blame as well as praise. Kent Campbell, Auburn