Leave Indians their cemetery

Reader Input
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First off I want to say I am not Native American, but I have been following the plight of the band of the Colfax Native American Indians and their struggle to own/operate their cemetery in Colfax. They had owned and maintained the cemetery for years. There is even historical evidence they had a reservation on that land. So when the city of Colfax and the cemetery board took control of the land, claiming it was part of their district, then demanding past payment of water bills, closed the cemetery and stopped maintaining the grounds, I became interested. This is their tribes’ sacred land. Why has the city of Colfax become so interested in the affairs of their local Indian tribe? My guess is they are looking to cash in on the Indian money generated from the casino. Oops, they are wrong. This group of Indians have no financial gain from any casino. They are poor. The casino money solely belongs to those in the United Auburn Indian Community, not the band of Indians from Colfax. This is just another case of mistaken identity. So now they are trying to cover their tracks by saying they will sell the cemetery to them for $30,000. Again, these are the poor Indians. It was their land. Will this be another tragedy against the Indians? If it is truly part of the cemetery district why aren’t they maintaining the grounds? They are maintaining the other cemeteries in their district. Julie Riise, Meadow Vista