Leave Loomis hunters alone

Reader Input
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In a short-staffed time, how much valuable sheriff and Fish and Game officer time was wasted by Mr. (Greg) White (Journal, Oct. 1)? I’m sure that he knew that the actions were “perfectly legal,” but he wanted to harass the hunters and get his views expressed in the media. Why did the Journal print a front-page bold-type quote that was a lie? The hunters were not “a couple of kids taking shots … .” The Journal’s own article, jumped to page 6, stated that one shot was fired by the hunters who turned out to be a man and his son. As stated by the officers, this is a rural area where all types of hunting are allowed.   Mr. White’s next step may be to physically harass the hunters to make them go someplace else. That action would be illegal, but Mr. White doesn’t care about the law, only what he wants. Finally, why would the Journal print all that horse pucky about wild animals being pets? This area does not have San Francisco’s view of animals, but perhaps the Journal would like that to happen. Curt Zollner, Auburn