LeFebvre Stadium stands out

By: Dave Krizman Journal Sports Columnist
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Editor’s note: This is the first in a series profiling the football stadiums at Placer, Del Oro, Bear River and Colfax. On Friday nights in the foothills, the four football stadiums of the local high schools are a Mecca for parents, students, football fans, and community members. Bear River’s JD Ramsey Field, Colfax’s Marson Field, Del Oro’s Del Oro Stadium, and Placer’s LeFebvre Stadium glitter in the night, beckoning the football fan for an evening of entertainment and excitement. However, for their obvious similarities, each stadium has its own personality, its own charm, and its own shortcomings. Placer, the Grand Old Dame that she is, shows her age. Well into her second century, thank you, she is holding up quite well. A bit threadbare around the edges, LeFebvre is far and away the oldest stadium in the Auburn area. Parking: Befitting a school and stadium set in the middle of Auburn, parking is a mess. The parking lots are undersized, forcing many fans to find parking on the streets. When the streets fill up, many adventurous drivers, out of desperation, turn to the railroad tracks directly above the stadium. Not a good idea. It is not uncommon for the train to dislodge poorly parked cars during the game. Seating: The home side seating is about as good as it gets for any of the four stadiums. There is lots of room and the sight lines are excellent. The visitor’s sides are poor. Concessions: The concession stand is conveniently located for both the home and visitors side. The food served is your traditional, football game fare. Interestingly, in coach Joey Montoya’s first season as a coach, salads were served to fill the need for something healthy. Apparently, health is not a high priority on Friday night. They were a failure. Restrooms: The restrooms are excellent. Well located and large, these are a far cry from the days of the infamous parade of port-a-potties. Stadium lighting: The lights are the worst in the area. They make for a drab experience. Uniqueness: LeFebvre Stadium offers an exhilarating auditory experience. It’s not so much what you see as what you hear at this stadium. The student section, named the ‘Gold Mine,’ is front and center. Spilling out from the stands, the students also congregate near the snack bar, making their presence heard by all. The band is loud and energetic. Bob Burge, the public address announcer and his melodic voice are far-and-away the best in the area. Lastly, the whistle of the train as it passes by the stadium during the game brings with it a mystery, romance, adventure, and intrigue uncommon to any other stadium in the area. Next time you are at a Placer game, listen for the train!