Left intolerant, uncompromising

Reader Input
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Re: “Letter steeped in bigotry, ignorance, fear,” (Griffin Quick, Reader Input, Dec. 5). It is people on the left such as you, Griffin, and the Mocks (Bob and Ginny), who are ignorant and intolerant of facts that don’t coincide with their views. You are the ones with the spaghetti-strainer hat. If you take a close look at (Barack) Obama’s records, if you can find any before he became president, hospital, school, college thesises, visa, adoption, real birth certificate (the one he produced in April has been proven by numerous experts as a fraud )and the list goes on. Obama has spent over a million dollars to attorneys to keep all his records sealed. Why? Think about your own lies. You stated Bob (Velon) (Reader Input, Dec. 2) asserts that Obama is not a citizen. Nowhere in his letter did Bob bring up Obama’s citizenship. But Obama did, in his book. His father (was) a Kenyan-born British citizen. British law at that time makes Obama a dual citizen, and not a natural-born citizen as required by the U.S. Constitution. Being born on U.S. soil does not make you a natural-born citizen, only a native-born citizen. Natural-born citizen is a person born of two citizen parents. Minor v. Happerset defined natural-born citizen and no other Supreme Court decision has ever contradicted this definition. Also look up Emerich de Vattel’s 1787 “The Law of Nations.” Definitions were widely used during the time our founding fathers wrote the Constitution. He is ineligible to be president of the U.S. About General Motors. I can only say, look at the Volt. Bob was not demonizing Obama. He was voicing his opinion. I only see senseless name-calling by you and people of the left because you are the ones without a valid argument. Explain trillions in debt, won’t quit spending, not willing to compromise, 8- to 9-percent unemployment. He had control of Congress for two years and never compromised with the Republicans. John Owen, Weimar