Legislation no excuse for violence

Reader Input
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Regarding the letter to the editor by David Imgrund dated Jan. 12: Sorry, my friend, I’m incensed by your “common sense” that places health care reform at the top of the list as a possible reason for the Arizona murders! You seem to be attempting to make a case against media for not giving attention to other reasons this man could be justified for murdering these innocent people in Arizona. Then, you placed the health care reform bill, which you think was pushed on the majority of Americans against their will, “near the top of the list when looking for reasons for violence in America ... .” Given this kind of twisted thinking, why didn’t you mention Bush’s war in Iraq, protested by millions in America and worldwide, killing over 4,000 Americans and 100,000 innocent Iraqis, as justification for any nut case to commit murder! Are you really serious? Irene Smith, Loomis