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Legislators: Ever hear of bringing a sack lunch?

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Here I go again. Venting. Why, can someone explain to me, are cut-backs going on in our schools? Do we really want to raise our youth unprepared for the world? We need to pay our teachers more, not less. Put the cuts in the higher offices. Also, the police department doesn’t need less money or fewer officers. We need their help and protection. Fewer officers out on the street leaves more opportunity for our uneducated youth to wreak havoc, steal and plunder. Oh yes, let’s also cut back on our fire departments. That way lives won’t be saved and fires won’t be stopped. Why don’t we make those almighty budget makers bring sack lunches? Have them stay in cut-rate motels and don’t allow time off until a budget is reached. As we can all see, the government is not earning the money and perks they receive. Cut back on the perks and their wages and we would probably see more balance on our economy. God help us; we may become the poorest and most crime-riddled nation in the world. Terry Rubio Auburn