Legislature isn’t leading the way

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I can’t believe the legislature is actually considering more tax increases! They’ve already raised our taxes $12.5 billion this year alone — enough is enough. An honorable Legislature would be leading the way by sacrificing their payrolls and expenses by 25 percent. Providing accountable leadership in these tough times is what California needs; not passing poor economy forecasting and mis-management of the state funds onto the taxpayers. Denying their responsibility to balance the budget by reducing overhead expenses of the Legislature and the out-of-control growth of their offices during the boom time is unconscionable. Full lifetime pensions after one term even when our legislatures consistently fail to do their jobs is ridiculous. To support their own special retirement account while not funding or supporting Social Security is a travesty. I urge the Legislature to do what every California family is being forced to do: cut spending and live within its means — not raise taxes. Ron Friend, El Dorado Hills