Let’s fine tune new DUI law

Reader Input
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Re: “DUI law among those taking effect this week,” (Journal, July 1). What a joke! Beginning July 1, if you are a first-time offender or are a repeat offender, you will need to install an ignition lock (breathing tube) in your car and breath into it before you start your car and periodically as you drive. I think this is a really good start to possibly curb drunken driving but the last paragraph in the article killed me. First-time offenders will be required to have the devices installed for five months, a second DUI extends the requirements to 12 months, a third DUI to 24 months and a fourth DUI to 36 months. How about first DUI: ignition lock and 30 days at the coroners’; second DUI you lose your license for 12 months; third DUI your license is gone forever, felony and 24 months in jail; fourth DUI 36 months as Assemblyman Mike Feuer’s personal chauffeur. Please don’t drink and drive! Mark Achen, Meadow Vista