Let’s get state back on track

Reader Input
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First I have to say that I am glad to be an American. I have served four years in Vietnam for my country. I have always paid my taxes and have voted all my adult life. My wife and I are retired school teachers. We have always been registered Republicans because we believe in the conservative and moral approach to life. What is difficult to deal with is politics, a necessary part of our democracy (republic). Our government is too big and spends too much money (taxes). It seems like so many Americans feel that our government is there to fulfill their every need at the taxpayers’ expense. Now we have so many programs and not enough tax money to pay for them. The way out of this debt is obvious. Cut some programs (that maybe should have never started out in the first place); and keep the taxes at the level from the last tax increase as Gov. Jerry Brown has proposed. As a Republican, I am willing to work with the governor and to vote for his proposed plan. Let’s get back to fiscal responsibility in California. Mike Gessaro, Auburn