Let’s keep feds out of bodies

Reader Input
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Re: Letter to Journal, Oct. 16, titled “U.S. health care must catch up” authored by Elaine Giamona. The author states that “Insurance companies have far too much control over our health care and our lives.” She also supports the current administration and the congress in their effort to repair this problem. I would like to ask, does she believe, as I do, that the government should stay out of the bedrooms of consenting adults? If so, does she wish that the federal government have more control over our health care and lives and if so would that be a better scenario? I think not. I want the feds not only out of my bedroom, but my lungs, my heart, my knees, etc. The simple allowing of any government to have more control over its citizens makes those citizens become subjects. Subjects are controlled by any form of government, not free to make a choice regarding any part of their lives. JOHN STAFFORD, Auburn