Let’s keep local nature spots litter-free

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I love Lake Clementine! I hadn’t been there in years, and thought it would be nice to re-explore Upper Lake Clementine with my 13-year-old son and his friends. It was still the beautiful spot I remembered, only now the trash that people leave there is a horrible sight to see. I actually yelled at a big family that was leaving to stop and return for their trash, which was reluctantly done. Maybe the park rangers could be more interactive with beach-goers and promote no littering. Maybe some signs (in several languages) that litterers will be fined would do the trick. This also goes for the Confluence area, where I have seen an abundance of cans, plastic and even used diapers sullying the shores. Also, how about cleaning up after your dogs? The area by the Confluence is full of dog feces. Making the trek to the shore is like avoiding mine fields. If we want to maintain our beautiful rivers and lakes, and promote visitors, we must keep it litter-free! Mary Ebert Auburn