Let’s move to Texas

Reader Input
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Many of us in Northern California are frankly appalled that the majority of California voters on Tuesday voted to re-elect Barbara Boxer to the U.S. Senate and Jerry Brown as our next governor. Most of the rest of the voters in this great nation got the message: smaller government, lower taxes, less government spending. Not only did we elect Democrat Jerry Brown as governor, we also voted to change the legislative vote requirement to pass budgets from two-thirds to a simple majority. As Tom Sullivan (KFBK 1530) said on Wednesday, “Are you crazy?” Now we’ll get budgets passed on time that include higher taxes, more government spending; our unions essentially running this state. Is this the way to attract more job-creating businesses to California much less keep the ones we have from moving to other states? I think not! You may not have liked the alternatives to Barbara and Jerry, but I guarantee we would have been much better served by Meg and Carly! I wonder how many retired residents of our beautiful state will now decide to move elsewhere? How about Texas? DAVE IMGRUND, Auburn