Let’s not pry into breaktime

Reader Input
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(Re: “Time travel via recycling center,” Aug. 12) ... we live in a great country and in large part due to the freedoms we enjoy, especially the Constitutionally-granted Freedom of Speech. Unfortunately, some elect to exercise that freedom before getting their facts straight. No need to feel sorry for me for having “... to wait in line ...” to deliver the mail or be upset that your “taxpayer” dollars are being wasted. As previously commented on by another reader, the U.S. Postal Service is not funded by taxpayer dollars but by revenue from stamp sales and other mailing services. Mail carriers are authorized a 30-minute lunch break and 2 other 10-minute breaks during their day. What they choose to do on those breaks (within reason) is their business, whether that be mowing the yard of an elderly customer that is unable to do so, processing an emergency phone repair request for a customer on life-line support who has no other contact but him/her, or turning in recyclables that are littering the streets of Auburn as he’s driving by the recycling center during his daily delivery routine. I think some folks appreciate the hard work of those out in 100-plus degree heat day after day. Thanks guys and gals at the Auburn Community Recycling Center! Chris Brissey, Auburn