Let’s set a few things straight

Reader Input
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Here we go again, Donna McCloskey (Reader Input, Feb. 20), with another ill-informed Republican constituent comment. You obviously get your info from talk radio, or other Republican party leaders, so in this space I can only address one of your issues or maybe two. (1) The stimulus package put forth by the present administration. Everyone, including world-class economists, knew it was not enough but it did succeed in making this administration look bad. At least the Recovery and Reinvestment Act is accounted for. You cannot say that about TARP with the last wild bunch in charge. It went to people already with lots of cash, not saying it did not need to be done. But where did it go? No accounting! (2) Social Security is probably owed $8 trillion starting with the great Ronald Regan (a Republican). I certainly have my opinions on some fixes that would work along with the opinions of other knowledgeable economists, but what I do know is none of this will be solved by anyone running on the Republican ticket any time soon. Oh, by the way, my small business pays upwards of 50 percent in taxes. I guess that would be item No. 3. I don’t have time nor energy to address all the issues, there are just too many. Long-time reader, first-time writer. Thank you for listening. Mark Jensen, Newcastle