Let’s show respect for public property

Reader Input
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The recent statue in the Downtown Auburn Central Square is truly a magnificent piece of art (Journal, Feb. 7). I just hope others give it the respect it deserves. Unfortunately, I will be surprised if it remains undamaged within the month. The very nature of its beauty is in its delicacy and I am afraid that some errant child will start using it as a jungle gym or someone with malicious intent will vandalize it on purpose. Even worse, with the metal thieves running rampant it could be sold for scrap metal for some malcontent’s drug habit. I hope that Auburn is responsible enough to ensure that this statue remains as it stands today for many years to come. Prudence dictates though, that a low fence should be placed around it with warnings not to climb on it. Parents should teach their children about respecting public property and teach them that everything is not a playground for them. Trust me, I have an 8-year-old boy and I have to do this on numerous occasions. Citizens should also be vigilant and report vandals, not only for this statue but for all public property. We live in a fabulous community and we should not have to pay for repairs and replacements because someone likes to grind their skateboard. We have a wonderful skate park for that purpose. I would even go as far as recommending a security camera for when the plaza is empty late at night. Let’s all do our part to keep Auburn the gem that it is. David Partak, Auburn