Let’s start with clean slate

Reader Input
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Incredibly, I find myself having to agree with Ron Lowe (Reader Input, June 22)! He said we have to cut spending. I agree. However, there should be no increased taxes or cuts to the mis-named “entitlements.” You pay into Social Security all your life, and if you haven’t paid, you shouldn’t get it! Since the liberals and Democrats are so into “fairness,” I propose we cut welfare by 20 percent. It’ll save us billions. And since we’re all suffering with over-spending government and a bad economy, it’s only “fair” that welfare shares our pain. Oh, and Bob and Ginny Mock (Reader Input, June 24). You better take another big dose of the same old Kool-Aid. Your endorsement of (Barack) Obama is really thin. He’s the best for the job? Knows what he’s doing? Vote anti-incumbent. Throw them all out and plainly tell the people we elect, if they can’t get spending under control, it’s their turn next. I hate practical jokes. Too many of them get elected! Rocky Warren, Colfax