Let’s stem violence at a grassroots level

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The city of Auburn is a concern to me. I have noticed violence is escalating in the Auburn Greens neighborhood. I feel the violence affects not only myself, but the whole community. A 3-year-old boy came to me with a story about a violent fight that happened close to his home. I read information in the newspaper. I was really shocked that the information in the paper was similar to the story the little boy had told me. I have done research about the effects violence has on children, birth to age 6. Did you know there are studies about the negative impact violence has on the brain of a child? The window of opportunity is then at the greatest, especially for social and language development. I feel sad that young teenagers don’t have more activities in Auburn to help build self-esteem. How can we build a safer community? We need to work on providing positive facilities that establish growth. We need to take in consideration that actions speak louder than words. We can choose to not tolerate this in our neighborhood. This means working closer to law enforcement. I hope in the future we work toward a common goal. The goal to live in a peaceful home and neighborhood. Rachel Barrios Auburn