Let’s take back our state

Reader Input
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I read with disgust the article from Jim Ruffalo (Journal, July 5) and once again we have it rubbed in our faces the perks of our legislature while the rest of us struggle day to day with the results of the state’s financial crisis. Since our legislature won’t put an end to their perks, why aren’t we the citizens doing it? Obviously voting in a new legislature won’t help since they are the ones who benefit. We have this process known as the initiative process here in California so why have we not introduced an initiative to put on the ballot to stop these almost free vehicles and the pre-paid gas cards? While we’re at it, how about another one to either stop altogether the per diem perk or at least seriously cut it back. Maybe it won’t cure our budget crisis but it’s a start at letting these clowns know we mean business. I doubt it would take long to get enough signatures to put it on the ballot. I for one would like to know if we have the ability to change these things through a ballot measure. We need to take our state back.   Peggy Christensen, Newcastle