Let’s outlaw barbaric hobby

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Hunting should be outlawed. As an antiquated barbaric hobby that no longer serves any 21st century purpose. It depletes natural resources that belong to everyone and costs taxpayers to boot. The lie that hunting pays its way in conservation is not true. We should fund game wardens to protect our natural resources and collect fines — just as we fund police and fire. People who view wildlife, hike, take photographs, and engage in other non-kill activities far outnumber hunters (less than 1 percent of our population hunts). Hunters negatively impact activities of the vast majority, especially by killing “trophies” — the most magnificent and genetically superior animals. Hunters claim they are the saviors of the natural world — spinning the lie over and over. However, nature can manage its own populations just fine. Humans only “manipulate” game populations for hunter benefit. If hunting is allowed at all, it should be solely in higher elevation, non-residential zones (hundreds of thousands of acres available). Killing neighborhood deer, with the advantages of high-tech gear, can no longer be called “fair chase.” Jim Cather, Loomis