Let’s see more from ‘design team’

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Regarding the story about the bull-ridin’ bartender (Journal, July 21) — I’m all for anything to reward him for his gall in attempting to make a place for himself instead of sucking up welfare benefits like so many able-bodied folks do. On to something else: When my late brother Ulysses C. Mieux and I moved out west from Louisiana to work on refineries being built in the 1950s, we worked in various cities around California. Never once did any city council attempt to “help us out” with the design of these projects. Why? A question of competence. After we “drug up” (retired), we found a nice little place to live, Auburn. Now when I see what the Auburn City Council and its so-called “design team” has done, at great expense, to the three-sided square called “Central,” it’s easy to see why the oil and chemical industries employ design experts. Yes, because of competence. Now, some of them need to be re-elected so they can continue with phase 2! What now? I.C. Mieux. Applegate