Let’s teach Congress again

Reader Input
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Let’s all give a big round of applause to the free market economy and our do-nothing Congress. Recently there has been a flood of reports about the shortage of cancer drugs. Methotrexate, along with 28 other cancer drugs, are in short supply. It seems that as the drugs became generic, the profit margin shrank. So, like the upstanding citizens that they are, the drug companies have stopped manufacturing them. According to the reports I’ve seen, innocent children and adults will die if something is not done. The FDA could help control the problem but it needs Congress to pass one or all of three bills that have not yet been brought to the floor for debate. Why not, you may ask? It’s painfully clear that Congress is afraid to anger one of its main masters, the pharmaceutical companies. Do you remember a couple of months ago when Congress had to be taught not to cheat the stock market with insider information? It took thousands of phone calls, emails and letters from us to make it happen. Now we have to teach them that it is wrong to let babies die for a few more dollars in the bank accounts of their billionaire masters. Please call or write your representative or senator today. PAUL PIERCY, Colfax