Let ‘We the People’ lead

Reader Input
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We the People. For some reason that simple three-word phrase has been sticking with me everywhere I go these days. And I go everywhere in Northern California for my jobs. As of the 4th of Feb., I was working three jobs, not so much from necessity, but rather a sense of security. Luckily, I have that need for security because times have taken its toll on my employer, so much so that we were laid off as of today. I understood how the economy was affecting my employer and so many others, so I expected this to happen sooner or later. We need to stop fixing what isn’t broke, and we need to focus on what really matters. How many politicians do you believe have been laid off, or had to worry about that ever happening to them? It’s time for a change and “We the People” can make this happen, if we work together. Maybe District 4 needs new blood in the state assembly. Maybe someone other than a politician needs to be heard. Maybe “We the People” need a voice. Charles Boggus, Auburn