Let Afghans do it themselves

Reader Input
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The public seems to be turning against Obama’s war against the Taliban in Afghanistan. The military appears to be wanting more troops hoping for a surge type of success as in Iraq. Why don’t we instead provide a surge of money to Afghanistan tribal leaders to rid themselves of their Taliban oppressors? Monthly payments that could be stopped on failure would work well. We seem to have a surplus of money for Wall Street bailouts and unspent economic recovery. Obama has also provided a $10 billion loan to a company that his buddy George Soros part-owns. There is a plethora of bucks floating around in D.C. Let’s use some of it for something useful. Keep enough troops in Afghanistan for air, artillery and communications support for the tribes. Also keep troops there to support robot aircraft against the Taliban in Pakistan. Maybe awarding bonus money to Pakistan tribal leaders for eliminating Taliban will also help. We should also buy the poppy crop, thus keeping the poppy income out of Taliban hands. Why not spend a few bucks to save some lives of our young heroes? Are their lives not more important than covering Wall Street’s stupid gambling loses? Robert Wahl, Auburn